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Brabham Alfa Romeo BT46B F1 Parmalat winner Swedish GP 1978 Niki Lauda


Colin ChapmanÛs wing car design Lotus 79 made it obvious early in the 1978 Formula 1 season that it needed a ground effect construction to be or remain one of the front-runners on the F1 grid that year. All the teams were more or less working on technical solutions to seal the space underneath the car hermetically with lateral skirts thus creating a vacuum drawing the chassis stronger to the track. BrabhamÛs mastermind Gordon Murray went one step further by installing a large fan in the rear end of the BT46 for the Swedish Grand Prix at Anderstorp.

During scrutineering MurrayÛs argument of an improved cooling system for the Alfa Romeo engine was accepted. A nice side benefit indeed. But first of all the fan was installed to suction more air from below the car, increase the ground effect considerably and enabling the drivers a higher corner speed. Niki LaudaÛs victory 34 seconds ahead of Patrese and Peterson proved that the fan idea was brilliant. But before other teams were given the chance to copy the fan was banned as a forbidden moving aerodynamic device.

TSM TrueScale 1/18th scale. Limited edition of 1,200 pieces. High quality resincast model car with photo etched parts 1/18th scale. Model size approximately 25 cm.

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